AI is a singularity. It is the inflection point of all inflection points. It will disrupt our thinking about not only computers and machines but also what we think it means to be human.

"Deep Learning will have more impact on humanity than the Internet."

Artificial Intelligence - 60 Years in the Making

The Perceptron was the first single-layer neural network that became the birth of cognitive science in 1957. It’s creator, Frank Rosenblatt, was a Project Engineer with Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, of Buffalo, NY. Since then, society has become more interconnected. Data now is more ubiquitous, and it’s no surprise that machine learning has experienced a resurgence in attention. Anyone with basic programming and software engineering knowledge can run ML processes to unlock valuable insights from data. Now that more economical computing power is available, machine learning is accessible to everyone and no longer restricted to the domain of data scientists with expensive hardware.

Rapid advancements in digital technology are transforming the way businesses operate and deliver value. Digital technologies—including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and augmented reality, among others— are transforming every industry. They’re stimulating innovation, enriching decision making, speeding up processes, and reducing costs. However, with all the benefits of digital transformation come a multitude of ethical, transparency, security, and societal concerns. I invite you to examine my writing and participate in the conversation about the many facets of Artificial Intelligence.

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